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What is Software?

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All of us have been there before, getting involved with computers and the internet for the first time and having to try to understand what everything is and what it is called. We all have to start with the basics and learn the different aspects to how computers, smartphones, tablets and the internet work.

You will have many questions down the line that require answering but one of the more common would be “what is software?” We will give you some interesting insight into the answer of that question and educate you fully on what software is and why it is fundamentally important to the variety of devices that it can be found on.

So, What is Software?

Software is one of the most important core ingredients of a computer and in fact, computers would not be able to function without it. Software is the unphysical side of computer technology, as in, you cannot hold it in your hands.

Software is a program on your computer that allows you to interact with your computer and have it perform tasks for you. When you first turn on your desktop computer, laptop or any other device, the most important piece of software will already start to load, called the operating system. This could be Windows, Linux, Android or iOS depending on the device you use and these operating systems allow you to instruct your devices to do whatever it is that you wish.

Even the browser you use to surf the internet is a piece of software, whether that is Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or any of the other popular choices available for you to use.

Other Types of Software

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of different types of software and thousands of different versions of each of them. Any program that you use on your computer is a piece of software that was originally written by a computer programmer.

  • Antivirus Programs
  • Music Applications
  • Games
  • Word Processors
  • DVD Burners
  • Messengers
  • Firewalls
  • Graphics Programs

How is Software Made?

All software will be developed by computer programmers either working on their own or as part of a team. They will understand how to use the various programming languages that will instruct the software on just how to work. This language will also allow the computer or device that is running the software to be able to understand it and run it.

Where Do I Find Software?

Software is usually available to purchase either download, on a CD or both. What you are purchasing is literally the data that is found on a CD, Blu-ray or is available to download. You then install that software onto your PC and run it.

There are many pieces of software that are free either on a trial basis or permanently too. Another type of free software is that of open source software that allows anyone with the knowledge to make their own changes to the software’s source code.

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