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What is Data?

What is data logoEver since the creation of the first computer back in the late 1970’s and even more so the rise of the internet for the past twenty years, we have been labelled as living in the ‘Digital Age’, the age of information and technology.

Digital revolution has seen us move from the ‘Industrial Age’ and into a time whereby we now rely on the convenience and efficiency of high-tech computer equipment and global communications systems to shape our world and give us access to untold amounts of information.

It is amazing to see how far we have come in a relatively short amount of time and the pace at which this technology has evolved. The wealth of information that we all now have at our fingertips and have the ability to share on a huge scale has completely changed the way many industries work, with convenience and efficiency now a huge benefit to all.

Computers and the data that they can store, send and communicate has enabled practically every industry on the planet to become far more streamlined, efficient and has practically seen the file systems of old made practically extinct. Everything is now done on the computer these days and this is never likely to change.

  • What is Data?

Data by definition can exist in a number of different forms, even away from the computing age. Data is information that has been collected and stored. So writing information on paper or storing memories or thoughts in the mind is data just as much as any that is used in the computing sense.

With regards to computing, data in simple terms is information that has been converted into binary format so that computers and media can process it conveniently. This data can be communicated across computer networks on a global scale and is the core ingredient of the internet.

  • What is Binary Code?

Binary code is the language that computers understand, so all data is converted into this language so that computers can understand it, access it, move it and delete it. This language uses the characters ‘1’ and ‘0’ to create a string that is eight digits long and could be one of 256 different values that can represent an instruction or symbol.

Variations of binary code have been around long before the computer was created; with them in fact going right back to the ancient times in China. Additionally, Morse code and the braille that blind people use to read are both variations of binary code, with the former actually replacing the ‘0’ and ‘1’ with ‘on’ or ‘off’.

It is amazing to think that the computer and the internet that we use today both at home and in business saw its roots planted thousands of years ago.

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