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What is Cloud Computing and How Can it Benefit Me?

What is Cloud Computing

Many of you may have heard a certain buzzword being bandied around over recent years called the ‘cloud’, yet do not know exactly what this cloud is and what it can do for your small business.

Just what is the cloud? Where is it? Am I already in it now?

Those are just a few questions that many of you might have regarding the cloud and just what is cloud computing. This article should go some way to answering your questions on the cloud computing and the benefits it can have for you.

What is Cloud Computing?

Put as simply as possible, cloud computing is the process of storing data, programs and files across the internet rather than on your physical hard drives. When it comes to this storage and accessibility the cloud is just another name for the internet.

In times gone past, people and businesses would store their important data locally on the hard drives on their computers, servers and networks.

Examples of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is everywhere, in fact it is in places where you would not initially think. Social media is cloud computing, the photos that you upload are all stored in the cloud. Even email can be considered as a form of cloud computing.

The more obvious forms of cloud storage are that of Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple iCloud and Amazon Cloud Drive, where you are able to store and sync gigabytes and gigabytes worth of files.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing carries a lot of benefits for your business and here are some of the most notable:

Accessibility – Cloud computing allows you to be able to have access to your data no matter where you are and through a number of different devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. As long as you have an internet connection, you can connect to your data without any form of physical connection to it.

Reduced Costs – Another great benefit is the reduction in costs that cloud computing could have for your business, especially with regards to IT equipment and maintenance. You would no longer have to worry about upgrading hardware to cope with ever increasing storage needs, nor would you have to pay for expert IT engineers to install them and you could even save on energy usage.

Security – Cloud computing gives you peace of mind that any hardware failures you may suffer, will not lose any data. Of course, through syncing any data you have stored in the cloud will also help in case of problems at the other end too.

Hopefully you now have the answer to the question of ‘What is Cloud Computing?’ and are now in a better position to make an informed decision on whether making use of it will be of benefit to your company. Of course, it might not be beneficial to everybody but it really is the future of storage and is only going to evolve further over time.


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