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Web Video – Is It Worth Investing In?

How can video marketing help you

Whether your business is in the real world, or entirely online, you need to continually grow your online presence. Everyday more and more people rely on the Internet; from shopping to pensions, it can all be done online.

This is why you want as much exposure as possible. While a website can certainly get traffic naturally, it can take a long time to draw in visitors and get respect from search engines.

It is for this reason and other benefits that more and more people are investing time and money into video. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo make getting traffic to your clips easier than ever. A video can grab attention, provide information and even be funny. In fact, some of the funny or shocking videos are the ones that perform best online.

However, let’s first look at the benefits of using video to spread the word about your business, project, or good cause.

What Benefits Do Online Videos Offer?

  • Communicate more but in less time, when compared to text
  • Search engines like videos
  • People like visuals – especially those that inform or entertain
  • Videos can be used to keep people on your page longer (search engines like this too)
  • Good videos show off your expertise
  • Exposure to a huge audience
  • Mobile commerce is increasing rapidly
  • Shows emotion and passion
  • Videos can increase sales

As you can see, a video can have a dramatic impact. In this modern world, people often don’t have time to read pages of text and nor do they want to when they have the time. Time is precious and a well made video can take advantage of that.

A short video clip can show your knowledge and passion for your business. It can get a message across quickly and even inform your potential customers of what you can offer them.

Mobile Market

Sure, people can read on their mobiles, but videos are far easier. Apps exist for this purpose alone and there are dedicated applications for most of the popular sites like YouTube.

So, if your site is in a popular niche, offers information and/or is interesting, or maybe even funny, then chances are the people that watch it will like it. As more people share your clip and like it, your video is more likely to get recommended.

This means that you get traffic from REAL recommendations on social media, referrals from similar videos (where they recommend the next clips to watch) and possibly even from search traffic.

Put simply, if you aren’t using video, you are missing out on a tool that can help increase sales as well as the potential to gain a massive amount of free traffic to your website or page.


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Benjamin S Powell

CEO & founder at DSA global
A Digital Marketing expert and CEO & founder of DSA Global. Ben has over 10 years experience solving complex business problems in both client and agency-side roles.

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