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The Journal of a DSA Intern


The day I arrived at DSA Global, I felt really overwhelmed by the new environment, but excited to experience new things. I was a little uncertain that i would I be helpful to the company. From my first day to my last day, a lot of different feelings have gone through my mind which slowly converted into a feeling that is “grateful”. This essay will present you the personal experience and perspective, why various feelings have converted into one “grateful” feeling.

The first day of the internship I arrived at the office at exactly 10 am. I took the BTS from my condo (on-nut station) to Asoke station, I thought that the office is not that far from the BTS station; so, I walked and it took me 20 minutes, approximately 1.2 km to reach the office. The first scene at the office is Mr. Ben, CEO of the company setting up the computer and workspace for me. After waiting for a short while I was assigned to that workspace, Mr. Ben explains the objective of my internship and what I will learn from it; he wants me to have my own product when I graduate this internship, as well as to experience the real working experience of an agency. Thus, he assigned me with a company campaign, to have at least one hundred leads when I graduated from the Intern position. Excited as well as feeling anxious at the same time when he trusted me to do the real work for the company, “can I do it”? Yes! “I will make it” is what I thought since he trusted me to do this campaign. It was my first time doing the marketing campaign, and I am also not a marketing student, nor related in the business field. I am an animation student who wants to expand the capability of my knowledge in another field. I wanted to learn new things, and to be challenged by out-of-the box situations. After settling in we had a brainstorming session in which everyone in the company gathered together to create awesome ideas for the DSA Lead campaign. We came up with the idea to make a video with Eric, the mascot of the company, into the 8bit Super Mario game.

Making the Eric video was the main part of the campaign, and with the help of everyone in the company, I was able to finish the video in 2 weeks. P’ Tah, a senior that sits next to me is my supervisor who has been helping me from my first day to my last day of the internship. She is a great supervisor, colleague as well as teacher. We would discuss the work sometimes but most of the time about life, humanity, race and also about her beloved dog named “Cooper”. After finishing the video the second stage was to set up the campaign in Facebook and Google and the objective of this campaign is to bring as many leads as possible to the company. We launched the campaign on Monday of the third week of my internship and the person who helped me to set up the campaign was Mr. Ben, who spent his evening of Friday to teach me setting up the campaign and explained many other tools for the online marketing. “The tool does not make your job done, but it makes your job easier”, a quote I received, during that evening session.

When the company had meetings or brainstorming sessions, my new colleagues used to call me and let me take part in them. I am glad that everybody at DSA Global treated me as part of the team and not just the internship. I believe that a good idea can come from one person; however, the best ideas comes when we are team and the thing that makes DSA an awesome place to work is that we plan everything together, where everyone can independently pitch their ideas without any restriction, whether they are account manager, graphic designer or web developer, and after that we will work together with that idea to bring the best out of it.

The Eric video did not do very well bringing in new leads, in fact, two weeks of running the campaign and the outcome was only 4 leads. It was when we shut down this video campaign, and tried going back to the original lead capture campaigns with banners ands and minimal text that things picked up again. We call it the “Eric Second Wave Lead Generation”. At that time, I could not stop wondering what happened to the Eric video campaign, why is it not working, did we miss the target audiences or the video was not good enough? I was a little disappointed with my performance; thus, I talk with my supervisor about the campaign. She did tell me that it is online marketing, thing changes every day, we have to keep figuring it out, find what works and what does not work, and also the things that work today, may not work tomorrow.

We were able to create a nice clean Eric banner for the second wave campaign, with the help of P’ Oum the graphic designer for the company. Her work is very neat, the pictures that she creates has to be in the exact sizes. She told me that once it is released to the media you cannot take it back, so you should pay attention to it. In the second wave campaign we separated the lead campaign into 5 ads set, small business, start up, restaurant, estate agent and property developer, in order to bring the leads from various business niches. The Eric second wave did really well, we were able to collect more than 50 leads in just only 3 weeks. Why is it so different from the first Eric video? Is it because the video is too cartoonish, or was the targeting wrong? I asked about the possible reasons of why the video did not do well, but was told it did not matter, it was just a test! If we play safe from the start and don’t test ideas then we are like every other digital agency company, but we are not like other companies, we are DSA global, we do something that stands out, and if it does not work at least we have tried it.

During these seven weeks of internship, I was not only doing the DSA campaign but also helping my seniors in many roles. I also learned how to use a coffee machine and able to classify many types of coffee from P’ Jin. P’ Jin does the accounts but is also an expert in making coffee. I have learned lots of techniques from her like, clearing the nozzle will make the coffee taste better, and which is the best milk for the coffee. I also learned Google ad words from P’ Obb, the senior that specialize in media (Google Adwords). He taught me lots of things like organizing the keywords, using the Google ad tools, keywords planner. Once, he took me to the restaurant which has the best grilled pork in that area. He also guided me where the market was when I was new to the office. Mr. Jerome or Mr. J also taught me some French, he comes from France and has been in Thailand for 7 years; some people say that he looks like the movie star, Nicholas Cage.

How many chances in life would I be given to do something like this again? How many companies will trust a student who has zero knowledge in marketing to manage their campaigns? How many companies will teach you everything without holding back any of their knowledge? I am very grateful and happy that I am able to achieve all of that from DSA Global. Lastly, I am very proud to tell everyone that I was once a part of the DSA Global team and it will always be the place that I will remember for the rest of my life.

By Pawee Umasangthongkul

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