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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation In Action

We have created a fantastic card trick that will track how you interact with the following 3 pages and then send you the most targets and relevant content you could want. In this case it’s the card you choose, but how do we do that? Automation, workflows, tasks and lists… And about 3 hours work.

Fill the form below to get an experience in the new face of online marketing and you will see just how powerful this can be.

Marketing Automation Thailand

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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a tool (in our case SharpSpring) or suite of tools that any business can use to turn traffic on their website into real leads by nurturing those visitors over time with content that is tailored to their unique behaviours on your site.

In simple terms, once you capture a potential customers email, you can set into motion a carefully constructed flow of emails or downloadable content that relates directly to what a customer does on your site. Using a real estate agent as an example; If a user comes to your site looking for apartments between 15-55,000 THB a month, then they download a guide to Bangkok (that is the email capture), and then they come back a month later but this time they are looking in the price range of 35-60,oooTHB a month, you can send them an email with the hottest new apartments in that price range.


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But what about over a long period of time? Every rental has a lease right? what if a user came to your site, looked at condos for 35,000THB a month in Sukhumvit, then they downloaded a guide you made and you never heard from them again. Normally that is a lost opportunity, but with Marketing Automation, you can send them an email 5 months later asking if their lease is coming up because you have some amazing 35K condos in Sukhumvit….. What about 12 months later… do you think that the sales staff are going to be able to do that manually?



How to Get Started with Marketing Automation

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So you have a few thousand contacts sitting on your database and each month these contacts get a nice newsletter sent to them with information you hope they will act upon. Maybe you are visiting a trade show and you make the decision to email all of your contacts and invite them to visit your booth. This is a nice touch, but helping to guide a buyer’s journey in this content driven world is not as simple as scheduling a few emails. Instead, you need to woo the customer and build a relationship between buyer and seller. Now this is where marketing automation comes to the rescue.

Marketing Automation is a concept of turning marketing into a more people friendly process. The phrase “marketing automation” may give way to images of complicated algorithms and complex workflows, yet by 2020 it is predicted that around 85% of customers will manage their business relationships without even talking to another person.The truth is, getting started with marketing automation does not have to be aloof or difficult.

It’s simple really. Marketing automation will help you.
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Using a good marketing automation system will allow you to undertake those tasks in a simple manner. A great example is SharpSpring. This automation software needs only three simple tools to automate your marketing: Workflows, lists and email.

When you start automating your marketing efforts you will discover that you can do all sorts of amazing things for your company. There are lots of different scenarios and each business will be different. There is no one-size fits-all when it comes to marketing automation. However, this article has been created to help you as much as possible to develop your strategy and goals for using automation software.



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Send Smarter Emails

When using marketing automation, you can simply create highly segmented lists which are constantly updated automatically. These lists will be based on your database properties and/or actions you have taken. This will allow you to communicate better with your contacts and potential clients.

Tip: You can create ‘smart lists’ for all new downloads that are available on your website. This will allow for the next similar download to be sent automatically to everyone that has shown an interest.

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Personalise Emails with Familiar Sender

Marketing automation allows you to create one single email for each sales team member by using dynamic sender information instead of duplicating emails for all of your sales team.

Tip: In most scenarios, not every contact in the database will have a lead owner. Because of this, ensure that you set the default sender information to a high-profile colleague within your business. This will then automatically appear for any users who do not have a lead owner.

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Reactivate Dormant Leads

Another great feature of marketing automation is that you can set up workflows that automatically send emails out after 90 days without any engagement from the leads. If you include worthy and valuable content, you will hopefully be able to get the lead back into your sales funnel.

Tip: Are you finding that some leads just won’t reconvert? You can create a smart list from these leads which haven’t engaged much recently and supress them on any emails you send. By doing this you will improve the conversion rates on the emails you send, and also prevent your mails from being marked as spam.

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Send Drip Email Campaigns

The most common function with marketing automation is the drip feed email campaign. By using a workflow and smart list, you are able to send a series of emails automatically to contacts after they have downloaded content from your site or provided you with relevant information.

Tip: Allow your email campaign to do its work and remove active contacts from any emails you send that are general in nature. By doing this you will not interrupt the story you are trying to tell. Of course, once they have finished the campaign you are free to send them another update.

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Time Communication Around Events

Once upon a time it was necessary to send all email communications individually before an event. Now however, marketing automation will allow you to send workflows based on dates so that you can communicate better around events, special occasions or holidays.

Tip: You can use any event which has a date in the time-based workflow. For example; if you have renewal dates for accounts, you can initiate an automated workflow which is based on that particular date. This will allow you to automatically send reminder messages that increase in urgency as the due date approaches.

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Adjust Communication Based on Activity

Marketing automation systems are able to track and utilise in advance almost all actions that a lead takes on your website. The beauty of this intelligence is that it is able to trigger communication automatically that connects with the lead more meaningfully.

Tip: If somebody visits your “request a demonstration” or “request a consultation” page but does not complete the form, you can create a workflow to send them an email a few days later reminding them to complete that part of the funnel form. This will help capture the people which show a greater interest in your service or product and move them through the sales funnel faster.

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Score Leads Based on Data

Another of the standard marketing automation functions is lead scoring. This feature helps determine exactly how you manage the process of communication with your individual contacts. After your marketing automation software has collected data for a short period, you can begin to score a potential leads behaviour, engagement and information regarding their demographics based on what you know at that moment.

Tip: Over time lead scoring evolves, however, this only happens if you take the time to discuss this scoring with your colleagues. Initially, plan to have weekly or bi-weekly meetings with your sales team to go through the quality of the leads. Then, as your lead scorings starts to mature, you can reduce the amount of meetings to once per quarter. It is important not to let the lead scoring sit for too long without having a review.

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Update Lifecycle Stages

Once you have your lead scoring in place, you can get an accurate reflection of the level of the lead in the buying process. So, when a contacts lead score hits a certain number, you can tell the system to automatically move them to a brand new lifecycle stage. This will then indicate that they are a lead that is worth pursuing.

Tip: Ensure that the CRM fields such as “Opportunity Stage” and “Lead Status” are in alignment with your lifecycle stages. Workflows can be set up so that when the sales person makes an amendment on their end, a lifecycle stage change is triggered in the marketing automation software

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Send Leads to CRM

One of the common issues before marketing automation came about was that all the captured leads were just passed onto the sales team who then had to dig through the leads to find the high quality ones. With marketing automation you can weed out the poor quality leads before they make it to the sales team

Tip: In your marketing automation platform, set up a smart list that will only allow for sales and marketing qualified leads, potential customers and other opportunities to sync with the CRM. This way any poor and unqualified leads will not move onto sales.

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Notify Sales Of Changes in Lead’s Status

Sales may not be paying attention to a lead, even though it is connected with the CRM. However, your marketing automation software can help sales by sending reminders and updates to the lead owner when the lead is doing something new on the site.

Tip: When the lead score changes it can help the sales team prioritise the leads they have in the queue. Once a lead has crossed a certain score threshold you can send notifications directly to the owner of the lead.

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After reading all that, and well done if you did too, but now i guess you’re wondering if there really is one piece of software that can manage all that and not cost the earth. Firstly yes there is a simple to use application that will track your visitors, assist in capturing their emails, assign users to lists depending on their behaviours, send emails based on preset workflows and then track the ROI, all with managed in a fantastic CRM as well.

It’s called SharpSpring, and DSA Global is proud to be it’s Thailand Premium Partner.




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