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Learning The Intricacies of Google AdWords



“What is your opinion on long-tail keywords?”

That was the first thing one of my AdWords savvy friends asked me when he found out i am taking AdWords courses. When i asked if i am supposed to know this after just one lesson, he conceded, with a laugh, that it might be a bit too early for that.

Hello, my name is Justs Matuzevics and i am an intern in DSA Global. I joined earlier this year and have been assisting our content manager Chris with whatever needs doing and picking up skills as i go along. To diversify myself and become more useful in DSA Global, i decided to learn some more about one of the biggest pillars of this company – marketing and advertising. AdWords seemed like the obvious choice to begin my journey.

What is it like, to learn AdWords? Its scary at first – the amount of acronyms and obscure terms being thrown at you is intense, but i believe that knowledge on any subject grows exponentially. Just a few lessons in i was already getting a firm grasp on what AdWords are and how they can be one of the most powerful tools for anyone with a product to sell or an audience to reach. Im not very academically inclined and during my time in various schools, the person who reminded the teacher to give us some homework usually got buried in backpacks, books and whatever else was nearby. So when i asked for some homework after an AdWords class, i really surprised myself. That moment i understood that i really want to learn this and be better at it.

AdWords offer near infinite options when it comes to setting up your AdWords campaigns. This flexibility to fit nearly any business fascinates me. And all that behind the might of Google no less.

They have built a whole world around advertising and ease of access to information. It was not, however, done by one person or even a team. It has been many years in the making with thousands of Google employees putting in their own “two cents”. This has resulted in what grinds my gears the most – inconsistencies.

A wide spectrum of contrast in life is something i thought i had grown accustomed to. Thailand has that effect on people, i find. Especially foreigners who grew up in different environment. I have said time and time again that this country is a land of contrasts – you might have a prestigious Hilton Hotel and beside it – a corrugated metal shed that houses a family or two. When it comes to Google AdWords user interface, its painfully clear that it is not a result of one designer. Everyone knows Google and how easy they make your daily activities. It is not that straight forward when it comes to AdWords. Silly design choices and simple logical things overlooked are rife in AdWords. Fields that have to be re-entered after an edit lower in the page or odd selectors that make you choose both what you are switching from and what you are switching to. When asked why are there so many frustrating things in AdWords, my teacher just smiles and replies with a decisive “Because its Google”.


This is where it dawned on me. Why AdWords has become such an amazing tool. It may not be the most user friendly platform, but this depth and intricacies of AdWords system is what makes it so powerful. One of the first things i understood is that the AdWords platform is easy to learn, but very difficult to master. It takes years of practice and experience to manage your campaigns efficiently. Its a never ending process of tweaking, editing and updating. When you think your campaign or ad group is running the way you want it – this is when you start modifying and optimizing it. AdWords campaigns are like never ending fractal images. They are beautiful, complex and infinitely different from each other. No matter how deep you dive in it, there is still more to be seen and discovered. There is no “one-size fits all” when it comes to AdWords, each campaign is unique and does not reveal to you its strengths or weaknesses until you have spent enough time, money and effort in managing it.

I passed my AdWords fundamentals exam last week with 93% success rate. Its only the first step, but i was very proud of myself. There are still many more tests to take and new frustrating things to learn. These few weeks of immersing myself in this side of advertizing have been very refreshing, frustrating and revealing – all at the same time. I learned that not everything Google does make sense, but it doesnt always have to. There is a saying, that if something stupid is working – its not stupid. And Google are definately not stupid.

“What is your opinion on long-tail keywords?”
I dont know yet, but i sure am eager to find out.

I will update you all again when i have fully completed my course.


Justs Matuzevics
DSA Global

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Justs Matuzevics

I am an open and down to earth guy from Latvia who has been lucky enough to find himself in the Land of Smiles, a.k.a. Thailand. I have always been interested in technologies and all things digital. I met the guys from DSA Global a little over two years ago and have been their intern for the last seven months.