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Google Adwords


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We haveDownload-Case-Study-Here-Click prepared a case study from one of our long term clients, where we took their wildly overspending and under-performing Adwords account and, not only saved them money, but increased their leads by over 1700%!




The Benefits of PPC



You only pay for quality traffic. As long as you’ve set your account up properly, you will only pay for clicks from visitors who are likely to buy from you. This is preferable to spending on non-measurable platforms, crossing your fingers and hoping it’s doing something.


Google AdWords and other PPC platforms allow serious micromanagement. If it exists on AdWords, there are metrics and controls for it. Huge bulk edits are possible with a couple of clicks. Drilling down and making granular changes is as quick as it can be, as well as expanding your campaigns onto multiple networks and formats.


SEO takes time, PPC gives instant results. Do you need traffic fast or are you just the impatient sort? SEO takes planning and effort and provides gradual results. PPC is all about now, with ads coming online within minutes of setting a campaign live. Google AdWords support are responsive and knowledgeable and no such service exists for SEO.


find out what’s working and make changes quickly. Detailed organic keyword data isn’t available in Google Analytics, but AdWords provides a wealth of paid keyword metrics at your fingertips.





The PPC Process



Understand the client’s business and objectives, find the strongest keywords. Whether you’re eCommerce or lead gen focused, we will learn everything we can about your industry, clients and competitors. Once we’ve reached the same level of understanding of your business goals as you, we’ll start researching keywords and building the account.


A/B test everything possible, find the strongest combinations and test again. Ad text, keyword match types, devices, extensions and bids should all be split-tested. Split testing is constant process.


Check the results and think. Once we have a good sample size, boosting our statistical confidence, we can start to draw conclusions and determine what we’re going to test and change.


Make well-informed decisions, rinse and repeat. Based on our analysis, we will make smart, informed optimisations that are certain to increase performance. It’s the scientific method, it has to work!



Why Choose Us


Every Client Is Different

We don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ or ‘scattergun’ approaches. Every Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook and Twitter paid ads account we work on is treated uniquely and tailored to the client’s needs. We believe client research is a critical step before the construction of an account.

Constant Updates

We are not an ‘autopilot’ agency. We watch and optimise our client’s accounts constantly. Beware the cowboys that don’t!


We talk frequently and in your language. If you’re PPC lingo fluent then we’d love to talk CPCs, CTRs and CPAs with you. If your only concern is “am I making money?” then we’ll tell you what’s generating profit and what we could do to bring in more.

No Bull

We’re honest. If something’s not up to scratch, we’ll let you know. Nothing matters more than the value of our service and we want you to know where every last penny you’re spending is going. We will only give the most appropriate advice and we want nothing else but explosive growth for our clients.




  • Local

    55,000 THB
    Management Fee P/M

    • 80K THB Min
    • Thai OR English
    • Shared Manager
    • 9/5 Support

  • International

    150,000 THB
    Management Fee P/M

    • 500K THB Min
    • Thai & English
    • Dedicated Manager
    • 24/7 Support

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