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Monitor your Social Campaigns with Facebook Insights


If you want your business to prosper in the digital age, using social media as a business tool is a must. However, while social platforms such as Facebook can be extremely good for your business; if you are not tracking what is working well and what isn’t, you won’t know if you are using it in the best way.

This article is to introduce you to Facebooks insight tool which can give you all the ammo you need to run successful social campaigns and generate more business.Continue Reading..


How To Advertise On Instagram for Small Businesses


Did you know that Instagram’s 300 million monthly users share an average of 70 million posts per day? Wow right! Since 2010 when Instagram started, there has been over 30 billion photos posted on the platform – Just think; that is four times the amount of people on the entire planet.Continue Reading..


Are You Getting Your Visual Content Marketing Strategy Right?

Social media content

The best type of content for social media marketing will always be visual content. People don’t pay as much attention to text updates; it is the images and videos which get the most likes, shares and comments. When you are running a social media marketing campaign, creating and sharing visual content is essential.

If you want your business to stand out, you need to create content that resonates with your audience in such a way that it speaks directly to their desires and needs.

The infographic below shows that only 7 percent of marketers are confident with their current visual content strategy.Continue Reading..


Facebook Lead & Local Awareness Ads


Two exciting new ad formats have landed on Facebook, one for lead genners and the other for smaller, local businesses. Both are quick and easy to set up and a little limited and rough round the edges, but it’s early days and we certainly expect the Facebook Ads team to add more polish in the future.

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Facebook Audience Targeting: Getting it Right


Unlike paid search advertising, social media advertising gives us the luxury of choosing the exact types of people that we show our ads to. However, the weakness of social media advertising is it relies on triggering conversions by impulse; you’re going to have to convince people to drag themselves away from Facebook or Twitter and onto your site. Paid search advertising, on the other hand, allows us to swoop in potential customers at the precise moment they are researching your product or service. This article is going to focus specifically on Facebook advertising and how to establish your perfect target audience.

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Don’t Forget the Basics of Marketing – Even if You’re Only Marketing Online!

The basics of online marketing

There was a recent post on Branding insider by Mark Ritson, called Death of digital marketing and it got me thinking. There are a great many businesses that will only market online, and totally disregard offline. As a strategy, especially a cost effective one, this is maybe a good idea. Of course it will depend on your market location and industry, but I think that a great many SME’s can focus only online and never really have to think about offline.Continue Reading..


Facebook Video is Going to be Big….On Facebook



Following on from Chris’s blog post about Facebook, I thought that I would follow up with some strategic business applications for our readers. Facebook is still a major component to any marketers arsenal, even with the constant strangling of audience reach, regular proof that paid ads collect a large number of fake likes and users, and my own personal opinion that at least 45% of the user base is just bots.
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