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Are You Getting Your Visual Content Marketing Strategy Right?

Social media content

The best type of content for social media marketing will always be visual content. People don’t pay as much attention to text updates; it is the images and videos which get the most likes, shares and comments. When you are running a social media marketing campaign, creating and sharing visual content is essential.

If you want your business to stand out, you need to create content that resonates with your audience in such a way that it speaks directly to their desires and needs.

The infographic below shows that only 7 percent of marketers are confident with their current visual content strategy.Continue Reading..


10 Ways to Decrease Your Sites Bounce Rate


When analysing our client’s sites on a monthly basis, one thing that we pay a lot of attention to is the bounce rate of certain pages. What this shows us is the appeal and general stickiness of a page or website.

There is no way to know for certain (as Google do not give anything away when it comes to ranking metrics), but lots of testing in the industry has shown that the bounce rate is in fact a ranking metric. So what does this mean?Continue Reading..


Optimising your website for Cortana, Amazon Echo, Google Now and Siri


It seems that everyday, the star Trek computer is getting closer and close to being a reality, a computer that not only can tell you what you need to know, but give you real time information on your environment and the people in it. Being able to ask your device where is my friend and how long will it take them to get here, will query their phone, pin point their location, then look at Google maps and assess the traffic and tell you that they are only 20 min away.
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The Perfect Three-Step Customer Funnel


Every website has a purpose, and the more defined that purpose is, the higher the conversion rate. Knowing your demographic and tailoring your content to meet their needs is critical to online success. Fortunately, posts on this topic are in abundance, and we at DSA have a lot to offer on the subject.

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What is Consumer Behavior?

what is consumer behaviour

According to Wikipedia, “Consumer behavior is the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the process that they use to select, secure, use and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society”


Basically, how and why a consumer makes the purchase decision for one product over another. There has been many studies done and some amazing books written on the subject, however, we will look at it in the way that you as a digital marketer can change and manipulate the content on your site to appeal to the most common triggers for a purchase decision.Continue Reading..


The Fundamentals of Blogging

The Fundamentals of blogging

In this post we are going to talk about why you need to be blogging and what you need to know when you start this most essential element to your inbound marketing, actually your overall marketing efforts.


We will discuss it in 3 key areas: What is blogging, how it relates to your inbound marketing campaigns and what are the best practices for creating really awesome blog content.Continue Reading..


First steps in your SEO optimisation | Understanding the basics

Guide to SEO Optimization

I have written a great many words about SEO over the years, and I usually write for people that have some understanding of what it all means. Today however, I think that I need to change my ways, I need to write something that gives everyone a better understanding of SEO, what generally an SEO practitioner needs to do on a site, and the most important, why on earth do you need to pay an agency to do it?
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A quick start guide to making your WordPress site run faster


There is a great deal of information out there on site speed and its effect on SEO. Google and other respected sources state that site speed will not only affect your user experience but also your rankings, even so far as if your site loads too slow on mobile then it will be excluded from mobile search results. Many site owners could lose 50-60% of traffic without understanding why.

We’ve written this post to explain what you can do, and what we at DSA do, to technically optimise a WordPress site for SEO, regardless of location or device.

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The DSA Digital Marketing Methodology – Part 2

DSA Digital Marketing Methodology

Content Creation:

Content is now the most important element to your online marketing campaign as it has a massive and long lasting effect to your sites visibility in the search engines. Creating content can be quite difficult as there are many elements to determine before you should start.Continue Reading..


HTTPS: Not as Secure as You Think

All about HTTPS and HTTP

Last year Google announced that switching to HTTPS will positively impact your organic rankings. This caused a flurry of people switching over, or wanting to switch to, the securer HTTPS rather than plain old HTTP.

The first point is that the boost to your organic rankings will not be significant and will be far less impactful than hosting quality content and strong click through rates. That’s not to say switching is a waste of time, as there are benefits to HTTPS, however it is often overrated in terms of reinforcing your site’s security.Continue Reading..