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Pay Per Click Advertising


Learning The Intricacies of Google AdWords



“What is your opinion on long-tail keywords?”

That was the first thing one of my AdWords savvy friends asked me when he found out i am taking AdWords courses. When i asked if i am supposed to know this after just one lesson, he conceded, with a laugh, that it might be a bit too early for that.Continue Reading..


Using Your Ads to Filter Your Market

Nigerian email scamI was talking to one of the guys the other day about how the CPM on display ads for porn sites was far lower than you can get on Google We don’t run media on porn sites for any of our clients, but one day we may have a client that would want to get in front of the 624,000,000 daily viewers of the top 14 adult sites… that’s 20% of all Google daily searches. It’s a lot. Anyway, this post isn’t about advertising on adult sites, it’s about how some advertisers will intentionally create ads that are built to filter out people just by the ad quality alone.Continue Reading..


Three Exciting New Google AdWords Features

adwords graphic

I can guarantee that at least one of these three new features is going to be impactful upon your online business. If you handle large volumes of email addresses, pay attention to Customer match targeting. If your main thrust is pushing app installs, go straight for Universal App Campaigns. If you’re in ecommerce and have a Google Merchant Centre account then the Shopping Assortment report is of high interest to you.

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Choosing the Right Google Ad Format for You

AdWords campaign types

Google AdWords has a learning curve so steep it’s almost vertical. This is fine for us seasoned search marketers who’ve been working with AdWords for the best part of a decade, but for newbies the sheer volume of jargon, buttons and settings is often overwhelming. Even a simple objective such as ‘I want more customers at my garage’ becomes hazy and distant through the fog of endless options. Google knows this and has introduced AdWords Express as a shortcut for onboarding newbies, which is all fine and good if you only want basic search text ads, but new advertisers are still missing out on some potentially incredible ad formats for their business.

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Deciphering AdWords Quality Scores


Imagine you’re a high street store owner, bar owner, hotel owner or whatever you prefer. Your store is in an expensive city and is just off of the busy high street in one of the side alleys. People can catch a glimpse of your store as they walk past, but their attention is mainly focused upon the stores on the main road. You would like to move your store to the high street, but that would mean an extortionate increase in rent just to move a few meters from where you’re located now.

One day, you find out that your main competitor is now renting a prime high street location and taking a large share of your business as many potential customers don’t even realise you exist. You also find out that the competitor is paying far less rent for his highly visible spot than you are for your hidden alley; you’re paying $600 p/m and he’s paying $70. Naturally, you are furious.

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Why You’re Structuring Your AdWords Account Wrong


If you aren’t an AdWords professional, I’m almost certain that you’ll have fallen so deep into one of these common pitfalls that you’ll have forgotten the colour of the sky. I can’t blame you for it though, as if you’ve learned AdWords via Google’s online support and accreditation system you’ll have been taught to do things the Google way, which isn’t the best way. We love Google here at DSA but our own experience and conclusions proves far more valuable than anything else.Continue Reading..


Facebook Audience Targeting: Getting it Right


Unlike paid search advertising, social media advertising gives us the luxury of choosing the exact types of people that we show our ads to. However, the weakness of social media advertising is it relies on triggering conversions by impulse; you’re going to have to convince people to drag themselves away from Facebook or Twitter and onto your site. Paid search advertising, on the other hand, allows us to swoop in potential customers at the precise moment they are researching your product or service. This article is going to focus specifically on Facebook advertising and how to establish your perfect target audience.

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Google AdWords eCommerce Made Easy


Q: Why bother with Product Listing Ads when I can do normal, easy search ads? A: Because you’ll probably pay less per conversion, at least that’s what we find with our eCommerce clients.
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Don’t Leave Your AdWords Account on Autopilot

Too many buttons

You’ve got an AdWords campaign but you’ve neglected it and left it running on autopilot since day one. You’ve been meaning to get back to it but it’s doing ok and you’re afraid to touch it in case you mess it up because you don’t really know what you’re doing.Continue Reading..


AdWords Editor Review: “This One Goes to 11”

Adwords New Editor 11

TL;DR – Version 11.1.2 is superior to 10.6. Get out of your comfort-zone and upgrade now if you haven’t already.

AdWords Editor is the official free, offline software client developed by Google to support AdWords account management. The emphasis is on ‘support’ here because it’s not possible to manage an AdWords account effectively with just the browser interface alone; even the newest release of AdWords Editor doesn’t cover many of the features offered in the browser client. For instance, Billing, Change History, Conversion Tracking and advanced ad extensions are still only manageable through the AdWords browser interface or API. Yes, there are many other desktop clients for AdWords but they usually cost something and this one’s free, official and powerful.Continue Reading..