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How to Build Trust and Credibility Through Content Marketing

trust & credibility
Remember last week’s article where we spoke about the theoretical Nigerian Prince and his email scams? Now imagine this for a moment – what if he really did have $5 million that he wanted to smuggle out of his country, and needed your help to do it. Imagine it was a legitimate offering and he was genuinely willing to give you a nice wad of cash for your help.Continue Reading..


The Gamification of Online Marketing

Gamification for online marketing

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a relatively new philosophy of marketing that builds engaging relationships between businesses and users online. This gamification has been found to establish a better emotional connection with a brand as well as increase brand loyalty which is one of the most important factors for repeat purchasing. To a marketer, however, the major value to gamification lies in the ability to better track a user’s interaction with the brand but also, provide a medium to connect a user’s social channels to a brands data gathering platform, thus enabling a brand to better refine its marketing message based on high quality data.Continue Reading..


The Essential Elements for an Awesome Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

If you have stumbled across this post, you are probably aware of the importance of a content marketing strategy. You know you need one, but you also know that you have to get it right.

In case you are still on the fence, here is a great article from our friends at Hubspot that will provide you with enough reasons to get onboard and start your content marketing strategy right away.Continue Reading..


How To Ensure That Your Content Is SEO Friendly

How to make SEO content friendly

Once upon a time SEO was the realm of self-titled gurus who worked their dark arts and managed to boost their client’s rankings through the use of “black hat” techniques. How times have changed! Today there are not many secrets to search engine optimisation and the days of those dark practices will now, more than likely, get your site penalised or banned from the search engines.

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Optimising your website for Cortana, Amazon Echo, Google Now and Siri


It seems that everyday, the star Trek computer is getting closer and close to being a reality, a computer that not only can tell you what you need to know, but give you real time information on your environment and the people in it. Being able to ask your device where is my friend and how long will it take them to get here, will query their phone, pin point their location, then look at Google maps and assess the traffic and tell you that they are only 20 min away.
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What is Social Proof and how can you use it effectively

Word Cloud Testimonials

Word Cloud Testimonials

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people look to the behaviors and actions of others to guide, either their own actions, or if there is a level of trust in a given situation. Online this social proof can be best exampled when taking eBay as a use case.

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The Perfect Three-Step Customer Funnel


Every website has a purpose, and the more defined that purpose is, the higher the conversion rate. Knowing your demographic and tailoring your content to meet their needs is critical to online success. Fortunately, posts on this topic are in abundance, and we at DSA have a lot to offer on the subject.

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7P’s of Online Marketing


Continuing the theme of marketing principals online I wanted to talk about the 7p’s model that was originally proposed in the early 50’s by a fellow called Jerome McCarthy. Well he said there were 4ps, price, Product, Place Promotion and that was expanded on in the 80’s by Booms and Bitner to include the people, packaging and positioning.

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Your campaigns have to tell a story and that story needs to cross the channel divide


In this interesting video from the Coke marketing team, we see that they were trying give an important message. The fact that this video is three years old and they never actually seemed to follow up on it shows more about the company than the message, which is a huge shame because that message was bang on.

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