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AdWords Editor Review: “This One Goes to 11”

Adwords New Editor 11

TL;DR – Version 11.1.2 is superior to 10.6. Get out of your comfort-zone and upgrade now if you haven’t already.

AdWords Editor is the official free, offline software client developed by Google to support AdWords account management. The emphasis is on ‘support’ here because it’s not possible to manage an AdWords account effectively with just the browser interface alone; even the newest release of AdWords Editor doesn’t cover many of the features offered in the browser client. For instance, Billing, Change History, Conversion Tracking and advanced ad extensions are still only manageable through the AdWords browser interface or API. Yes, there are many other desktop clients for AdWords but they usually cost something and this one’s free, official and powerful.Continue Reading..


HTTPS: Not as Secure as You Think

All about HTTPS and HTTP

Last year Google announced that switching to HTTPS will positively impact your organic rankings. This caused a flurry of people switching over, or wanting to switch to, the securer HTTPS rather than plain old HTTP.

The first point is that the boost to your organic rankings will not be significant and will be far less impactful than hosting quality content and strong click through rates. That’s not to say switching is a waste of time, as there are benefits to HTTPS, however it is often overrated in terms of reinforcing your site’s security.Continue Reading..


The DSA Digital Marketing Methodology – Part 1

DSA Global Marketing Methodology

There are literally 10’s of thousands of agencies that purport to be able to develop your business online. They say they can grow your rankings and they will do all of the things needed to make your business as successful online as it may be offline. So, just like your business, DSA needs to make sure that it has something different that will make it stand out amongst the many, many businesses that you find when searching for a marketing agency.Continue Reading..


How to Handle Big AdWords Accounts

Google Adwords Help

  1. Structure is crucial.

Don’t even think about running with a monster budget on an account that’s as organised as a hoarder house. Picture a small business with a simple AdWords account with no pay per click consulting. One day the business hits it big and suddenly they need an account that’s 100x bigger to accommodate a budget of similar increase. Instead of building sideways, they build upwards, piling tons of new keywords, ad groups and junk onto their existing couple of campaigns. What happens? It’s a mess; it’s bloated, illogical, and more importantly, inefficient. This is more common than you think.Continue Reading..


Important E-Books That Every Content Marketer Must Read

[ File # csp6018592, License # 1451552 ] Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / frenta

[ File # csp6018592, License # 1451552 ]
Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement (
(c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / frenta

At DSA Global we are growth hackers at heart. We always look for new ways to grow our blog with interesting content that grabs our reader’s attention throughout. We also look for new ways to promote our content and help our clients maximize their potential online through content marketing.

Content marketing is an art, we didn’t just get to where we are today on intuition. While we like to consider ourselves as having natural entrepreneurial genes, we still had to do a lot of learning along the way to become good content marketers.Continue Reading..


Google AdWords Newbie Traps and How to Dodge Them

Google Adwords DSA Global

Let’s get this straight right off the bat; there is no secret trick that is going to give you automatic success with Google AdWords. Not many people have time to digest the AdWords information overload so they scour the net for quick and dirty tips. That’s fine, but it’s a common mistake to think that such one-size-fits-all solutions exists; AdWords is bespoke and no two accounts are the same.Continue Reading..


Facebook Video is Going to be Big….On Facebook



Following on from Chris’s blog post about Facebook, I thought that I would follow up with some strategic business applications for our readers. Facebook is still a major component to any marketers arsenal, even with the constant strangling of audience reach, regular proof that paid ads collect a large number of fake likes and users, and my own personal opinion that at least 45% of the user base is just bots.
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How to Improve Your User Experience on Facebook – Tips and Tricks

Facebook Guide Tips

The loading screen of the Facebook application on a mobile phone is seen in this photo illustration taken in Lavigny May 16, 2012. Facebook Inc increased the size of its initial public offering by almost 25 percent, and could raise as much as $16 billion as strong investor demand for a share of the No.1 social network trumps debate about its long-term potential to make money. Facebook, founded eight years ago by Mark Zuckerberg in a Harvard dorm room, said on Wednesday it will add about 84 million shares to its IPO, floating about 421 million shares in an offering expected to be priced on Thursday. REUTERS/Valentin Flauraud (SWITZERLAND – Tags: BUSINESS SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) – RTR325LC

No Doubt if you are reading this article you will likely be a Facebook user. What you may not know is that Facebook continually updates their software and algorithm with new features that are aimed at improving your user experience. These updates are often done without your knowledge.
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Web Video – Is It Worth Investing In?

How can video marketing help you

Whether your business is in the real world, or entirely online, you need to continually grow your online presence. Everyday more and more people rely on the Internet; from shopping to pensions, it can all be done online.
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A presentation given by Rand Fishken for the Digital Marketing Pattaya event, produced by DSA Global


Wizard of Moz

Howdy everyone, my name is Rand Fishkin. I’m the CEO and founder here at Moz. And I’m very excited to get to present to you all at DMP Pattaya. I apologize that I couldn’t be there in person, but hopefully this video can be helpful for all of you. I do hope to make my way to Thailand someday for a visit. I would be very excited to go.

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