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The All Important Question Your Social Media Strategy Should Be Answering

Social media is now one of the most important marketing tactics for all businesses who have an online presence. In fact it has become a necessity. It allows businesses to build their brands while also sharing and interacting with their customers and prospects and is an all-important touch point in the ever evolving customer journey.

However, as the social media landscape also evolves, competition for your target audience becomes greater. A recent survey conducted for online marketers claimed that 40% believed that social media marketing had become harder for them in the last 12 months. You can see the report here.

This has resulted in many marketers and brands believing that their social media marketing must incorporate a little bit of everything to be able to compete with their competition.

Adding more tactics to your strategy and incorporating more channels isn’t the answer, nor is it sustainable. The key to getting growth, engagement and ROI is to craft a social media strategy that is able to strike a balance between the needs of your audience and your own brands business goals.

So, to ensure that you create a perfectly balanced strategy, there are some important questions that you need to be able to answer. Below you will find eight questions that will help guide you.Continue Reading..


Monitor your Social Campaigns with Facebook Insights


If you want your business to prosper in the digital age, using social media as a business tool is a must. However, while social platforms such as Facebook can be extremely good for your business; if you are not tracking what is working well and what isn’t, you won’t know if you are using it in the best way.

This article is to introduce you to Facebooks insight tool which can give you all the ammo you need to run successful social campaigns and generate more business.Continue Reading..


How To Advertise On Instagram for Small Businesses


Did you know that Instagram’s 300 million monthly users share an average of 70 million posts per day? Wow right! Since 2010 when Instagram started, there has been over 30 billion photos posted on the platform – Just think; that is four times the amount of people on the entire planet.Continue Reading..


4 Top Tips to Succeed With an Evergreen Content Marketing Strategy

evergreen content strategy


Everyone loves new stuff right? It doesn’t matter if it is the latest fashion trend, news or a piece of gossip, everyone will want a piece of the action!

FOMO (fear of missing out) is not just some slang you hear on social media, it is in fact very real. No one likes that feeling of being left out, so they ensure that they are in the know on all the new things that are going on around them.Continue Reading..


How to Build Trust and Credibility Through Content Marketing

trust & credibility
Remember last week’s article where we spoke about the theoretical Nigerian Prince and his email scams? Now imagine this for a moment – what if he really did have $5 million that he wanted to smuggle out of his country, and needed your help to do it. Imagine it was a legitimate offering and he was genuinely willing to give you a nice wad of cash for your help.Continue Reading..


The Essential Elements for an Awesome Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

If you have stumbled across this post, you are probably aware of the importance of a content marketing strategy. You know you need one, but you also know that you have to get it right.

In case you are still on the fence, here is a great article from our friends at Hubspot that will provide you with enough reasons to get onboard and start your content marketing strategy right away.Continue Reading..


Are You Getting Your Visual Content Marketing Strategy Right?

Social media content

The best type of content for social media marketing will always be visual content. People don’t pay as much attention to text updates; it is the images and videos which get the most likes, shares and comments. When you are running a social media marketing campaign, creating and sharing visual content is essential.

If you want your business to stand out, you need to create content that resonates with your audience in such a way that it speaks directly to their desires and needs.

The infographic below shows that only 7 percent of marketers are confident with their current visual content strategy.Continue Reading..


How To Ensure That Your Content Is SEO Friendly

How to make SEO content friendly

Once upon a time SEO was the realm of self-titled gurus who worked their dark arts and managed to boost their client’s rankings through the use of “black hat” techniques. How times have changed! Today there are not many secrets to search engine optimisation and the days of those dark practices will now, more than likely, get your site penalised or banned from the search engines.

Continue Reading..


10 Ways to Decrease Your Sites Bounce Rate


When analysing our client’s sites on a monthly basis, one thing that we pay a lot of attention to is the bounce rate of certain pages. What this shows us is the appeal and general stickiness of a page or website.

There is no way to know for certain (as Google do not give anything away when it comes to ranking metrics), but lots of testing in the industry has shown that the bounce rate is in fact a ranking metric. So what does this mean?Continue Reading..


The Fundamentals of Blogging

The Fundamentals of blogging

In this post we are going to talk about why you need to be blogging and what you need to know when you start this most essential element to your inbound marketing, actually your overall marketing efforts.


We will discuss it in 3 key areas: What is blogging, how it relates to your inbound marketing campaigns and what are the best practices for creating really awesome blog content.Continue Reading..