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4 Top Tips to Succeed With an Evergreen Content Marketing Strategy

evergreen content strategy


Everyone loves new stuff right? It doesn’t matter if it is the latest fashion trend, news or a piece of gossip, everyone will want a piece of the action!

FOMO (fear of missing out) is not just some slang you hear on social media, it is in fact very real. No one likes that feeling of being left out, so they ensure that they are in the know on all the new things that are going on around them.

However, people are getting tired of trying to catch up to all the hype.

When it comes to content marketing for instance, I tend to prefer reading older posts which are more comprehensive, than I do all the latest content pieces that have been rehashed from syndicate sites. It isn’t that I do not find lots of the new ideas awesome, I just find older, evergreen content to have a better grasp of most topics I enjoy reading about.

Here is an example: If you enter “how to write great content” into Google search, you will see several results displayed which date back to 2012 or 2013. In digital marketing this is considered old and dated content because updates are very common in the field and what applies today, may not apply tomorrow.

Evergreen content

So why is this old content still trending when they are now many years behind?

The Answer is that they are evergreen

Us content marketers know exactly why this type of content will always appear – because it is “evergreen”. What this means is that this type of content contains ideas that hardly ever change with the passing of time and therefore, will always be relevant.

You can compare evergreen content to the foundations of a home. You might put up some new wallpaper one day, fix the leaking roof, or change the carpet – but rarely would you need to change the actual foundations of the home.

For anyone that does not yet have an evergreen content marketing strategy, it is never too late to start one. Whilst the industry professionals may enjoy the expert content you are pushing to your site each week, the newbies will come along and find that you don’t have any content that can help them out.

Today we are not going to show you how to write evergreen content as there are many other resources available for that, instead we are going to show you how to make your evergreen content effective.

  1. Ensure Your Content is Comprehensive

One thing that all evergreen content has in common is that it is generally longer than standard articles. The reason behind this is that it allows you to:

  • Elaborate much more on the subject
  • Include more reliable resources
  • Insert more semantic keywords for SEO purposes
  • Be the ultimate guide or resource on the subject

Even the people who usually quickly scan an article and then leave will be drawn to your content as long as you keep the following things in mind:

  • Make sure your readers can take action immediately
  • Properly outline your thoughts
  • Is your tone friendly, easily approachable and full of expertise?
  • Does your content have shareability
  1. Don’t Forget to Update

Probably the best think about going evergreen is that there is always something new that you can update.

For instance; you published your “how to grow tomatoes” guide last year and have recently discovered that there is a better soil to use. You can simply scratch out the older soil preference and update with the new information. Your content is now as good as new again!

Updating your evergreen content actually serves a couple of purposes:

  • Helping readers who seek current information
  • SEO – because content freshness is a Google ranking factor

Updating your content now and again will also allow you check for any links that are broken or outdated.

aged content Google

  1. Market on the Right Social Platforms

Creating your evergreen content is only half the battle. You might have the most awesome guide on growing tomatoes, but if nobody knows about it, what good is it going to do?

I’m sure you are familiar with promoting on the social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, but what about promoting on sites that are evergreen friendly? One such site will be your blog.

Make sure that your visitors can easily find your evergreen content by linking to it directly from some of your most popular posts. Another great way to lead people to the content is to have them show as related articles after your readers have read something on a similar topic.

Similar content posts

Promoting on both Pinterest and Google+ might even help to boost the rankings of your posts. Promoted posts on these sites tend to have a longer shelf life because the users care much more about relevancy than freshness. This is why you often see pins from back in 2010 appear.

Why evergreen content is great

Google+ made the promotion of evergreen content much easier when they introduced their Google+ collections

This feature lets the user gather and collect related posts all under one URL. With every collection you are able to neatly organize all the content you have written for your blog and any other relevant topics you want to include. Because it is all under one URL, you can easily use it as a source, forum, twitter chat resource or answers on Q&A sites. You can also easily share on any social media site.

  1. Offer Downloadable Goodies

Everybody loves free stuff, right?

However, even though a lot of people love comprehensive guides, many do not have the time to read them. Most of the time people would bookmark it to come back to later on, or even scan it quickly and head straight to the bullet points.

This is why your evergreen content has to be flexible. Having text and images is great; but you need to try and add something more, not just to entice your readers, but to make sure that they share it cause they love it so much.

What is the secret? Free stuff in the form of downloadable content.

Let’s just say that you have this amazing 2000 word guide on how to grow tomatoes. While there would be some gardeners out there who will sit down and thoroughly enjoy it, there will be others who want to head straight into the garden and get to work on your suggestions.

You need to be ready for this type of reader by having ready-to-download content for their convenience.

downloadable goodies

The Bottom Line

Even though trends will often change, most ideas will remain relevant. If you invest time and effort into creating awesome evergreen content, you can guarantee that it will pay off in the long run. Just think; we were all once beginners looking for ideas and basic information about something! So why not return the favour and share your skillset with beginners who maybe are just starting out in the industry and need your expertise.


If you would like to discuss anything about your current content marketing strategy, why not pop into the DSA office for a quick chat and a coffee. We would love to hear from you.

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Chris is an expert in internet marketing campaigns, content management, social media marketing, article marketing and digital marketing in Thailand and South East Asia.