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4 Reasons You’re Losing Inbound Leads Every Day


Inbound leads are the lifeblood of almost every service business. Leads are the first part to a sales funnel and like any funnel, you must put more leads in the top part of the funnel than you get out at the bottom. Every day I see so many businesses just wasting their opportunities or money.

There really is way too many reasons why you are losing leads so I will only talk about 9 here; but I will make a special mention to the following up process. I want you to imagine that you were out at a bar last weekend, and you met this person that was really awesome, they seemed super into you, gave you all the right signals, hey they even gave you their real number. So 3 days later you contact them and all you get back is silence, do you a; contact them again or b; just leave it?

I would say that 9 out of 10 of you would probably send a follow up message just to make sure. And 3 out of 10 will send another one after that. Honestly now, when you get a lead in, do you follow up more than once and do you follow up more than twice? Probably not. It’s the same thing; you have someone that is interested in you, interested enough for them to give you their details, but you need to work for it.

So we will all do some form of following up, and I think that this is one of the most important aspects of sales, especially when marketing are trying to fill up your sales funnel, but there is a distinction to be made here. I will be talking about the blurry line between sales and marketing. Sales are the closers and marketing is the opener. Marketing will bring in the contacts and it’s up to sales to follow them up, however, in this digital world I think it’s dangerous to not assume that they need to work hand in hand.

Your ads are too generic and not appealing to your most convertible customers

Let’s talk first about the most simple of lead gen issues, which is the ad copy. Before you make your ads, you need to think about and map two important things; firstly the goal of your ad and the intent of the user that will interact with your ad. I won’t go into platforms and intent just now, but the intent is the most important part.

Let’s assume that you are looking for a business to undertake your digital marketing for you. You go to Google and you start searching, we will also assume that you’re a Bangkok based company as well. Your intent right now is one of three stages; first you are just starting your research or second you are narrowing down your options as you know what you are looking for and lastly, you know exactly what you are looking for and your goals and now you are just wanting to get the agency booked.

These three intents will require a very specific ad copy to capture attention and 9 times out of ten a business will make one single generic ad and just expect that to capture leads at all stages of the purchase process. Sorry bud, it won’t, your generic “Best agency in Bangkok” isn’t going to answer the question a user has such as:

How should I advertise online in Thailand?


What services do local agencies provide?


Social media marketing agency Bangkok

Address the question thinking about the goal you want the user to get to and the intent of their search.

You don’t have automated emails 

Automation is built into almost every CRM or lead capture service on-line these days even the basic contact form 7 allows you to have auto responders. USE THEM.

When someone contacts your business, there is a pretty good chance that they have also contacted 3 other competitors at the same time, and for most, the email comes in and eventually a sales person will follow it up. That is fine, but if you are late to the party then you can lose that lead, so use the auto responders to:

1 – Acknowledge the email that has been sent.

2 – Send a second auto responder with some relevant follow up information, like a case study or service book.

3 – Make sure that your sales people get on the lead ASAP.

If you have a 24 hour delay on getting back to a lead, you are going to increase your chances of losing it massively. Even if you are sending an automated response, you’re going to be keeping your brand in the customers mind and they are going to be far more receptive to your follow up sales call.

You don’t have live chat

Now that Messenger, Line, WeChat and so on are ubiquitous to all communications, the same instant messaging is pretty much expected of a business. Some relay is granted, but most of the time, people want information instantly, and if your competitors are able to answer those questions instantly then who will a customer go with?

Live chat is a way to get that instant communication flow going with the customer and it’s low effort for them as well. No emails or calling, just type in the question and get the response. The drawback to live chat is that it needs to be manned of course, but if you use something like Facebook messenger as your live chat and install a messenger bot, you can give yourself that line of communication instantly.

You don’t automate your Facebook messages

To follow on from the previous point, your Facebook page is an inbound lead magnet, and when there is no one there to chat, you can lose more leads. Now no one but your customers will expect you to have someone there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all the possible questions your potential customers may have, but there are new technologies that will allow you to instantly scale your sales force.

Facebook bots are programmable services that will allow you to ask questions, receive answers, search a database and get customers to fill in forms on your Facebook page. A service like is an easy to use system that allows you to build a bot in 10 min.

You’re not monitoring the platforms your customers are on

Do you know where your customers are on-line? Are they on social media (that’s a stupid question, everyone is on social media, but what media are they on?) are they on forums or email or even in the comments of other pages.

There are so many tools available that will allow you to monitor mentions of your brand name or even someone asking for your service online. By paying a few dollars a month you can have constant search monitoring social media and the general internet for potential customers asking “does anyone know a good marketing agency in Bangkok?”

Potential customers will ask their network first for a referral, before they ask the internet so it’s a good idea to be where they are, even if you don’t have the time to trawl the internet yourself.

You put it in the “too hard” basket

From a number of the points that I have made, I think you see that I have put a certain amount of emphasis on automation of a lot of these, because it’s the best way to deal with the major issue of “it’s too much work, I don’t have enough time”

Automation can be a huge factor in increasing your ability to be responsive, and scalable.

If you feel that you want to generate more leads, but you don’t have the skills to implement some of the ideas outline, feel free to contact DSA at any time and we can assist you in deploying some awesome lead capturing technologies.

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